Gay Life Assurance / LGBT Life Assurance

Finding Gay or LGBT Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection can be a tricky business, so here’s an up to date guide to buying Gay Insurance products in the United Kingdom.

  • It is now outside of the Life Assurance Industries best practice guidelines to discriminate against the LGBT community when applying for Life Assurance. This means that gay men or women should not be asked directly about their sexuality when applying for Life Assurance products.

  • Insurance companies may ask you about sexual behaviour and any exposure to HIV, but this is now a common question across all risk groups. Insurance companies would expect you to disclose if you had practiced unsafe sexual behaviour.

  • If you have a history of sexually transmitted infections on your medical records, then you may be asked to take a HIV test. General Practitioners are required to inform Life Assurance companies of any factors that may have long term health implications.

  • There is now a HIV testing limit of £1,000,000, which has been adopted by all Life Assurance companies for both single men or women and those in a civil partnership. This means if you are asked for a HIV test, then you should seek advice before proceeding with the application.

  • The average amount of Life Assurance held by LGBT individuals was last year reported to be £185,015*. It would need a sum assured of £684,000 to meet the average gay income of £34,200 in the event of a person’s death.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly when applying for Gay or LGBT Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, or Private Medical Insurance you can share your experiences through this blog and we will endeavour to answer your questions.

If you require more specific advice on these issues, or are looking for a quotation then you should contact our sponsors Compass Mortgage and Insurance Services. They are the UK’s leading mortgage and insurance specialists for the gay and HIV communities.

* Source of Figures Is the Compass Gay Life Assurance Survey 2015.